Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Run Jason Run

Paul Greengrass picked up the Bourne franchise one movie in and ran with it delivering one of the most critically acclaimed blockbusters in years with The Bourne Supremecy. Here he repeats the trick. Those of you not enamoured with the first two there is nothing to change your mind. The rest of you strap in, turn on and prepare for a vicious assault on your eyeballs by Greengrass' trademark shakey-quasi-documentry-car-smashing-knuckle crunching-edit-edit-edit-blink-edit style.

The film is not without its flaws. There is a problem early on with Bourne's motivation. No one is chasing him any more, he is chasing them, chasing answers, chasing his past, so one watches a lot of running and punching and shooting but with little sense of direction, Bourne either running towards or away from the enemy on a whim.

When the characters do sit down for a moment to have a chat it is good stuff, adding a real pathos and weight to Bourne's quest and adding meaning to the chase scenes. In this way the film is well structured, getting better and better as it goes along, so you end up leaving the cinema on a real high. In a summer of dull cash-in sequels this one stands out as a proper film, well worth a watch.


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