Sunday, April 22, 2007

What is the Matrix?

After I finished writing my last blog post I realised what I was really trying to say was not what I had written. The problem is not that Hollywood continue to make Hollywood films, it's the fact that other films are not getting screened. Multiplexes, having put almost all smaller cinemas out of business, now insist on showing the same films because those are the films with the biggest advertising budgets; the ones people are told they want to see, and those get shown over and over and over again.

Films I have not had the chance to see in the past couple of weeks:

The Lives of Others - The best foreign language film winner at this years Oscars.
INLAND EMPIRE (capitalisations are his) - The new David Lynch film.
The Namesake - Mark Kermode's film of the week a couple of weeks ago.

Meanwhile Norbit and Mr Bean's Holiday sit atop of the UK box office.


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