Friday, January 16, 2009

CATE Week One

Group Challenge:

Avoid buying lunch or snacks from shops or cafes: sandwiches, soft drinks, water, etc.

Make a packed lunch and fill your water bottle from the tap!

Personal Challenge:

Don't buy anything for a day

How did I get on? Well, I set the group challenge so I ought to have done well. This challenge had a variety of added benefits. First of all, there is the obvious monetary saving - roughly five pounds a day. Then, such was the food in our house, I have started eating at least three of my five fruit and veg a day, at work. However, it does mean I miss out on my daily walk into town, and for the first two days of this challenge I ended up sitting at my desk, surfing the internet, all the way through dinner. Friday was half day, so this was not an issue. On Monday I had some books to take back to the library. In warmer climbs I wouldn't hesitate to take my lunch with me outside and eat it on a bench... if I am going to keep taking a packed lunch to work, I need to make sure I get out of the office as well. Around the same time, I started feeling a strong desire to go and get a soft drink, this, as we all know is nothing more or less than a symptom of addiction. That's right folks, if you have a craving for a particular food, you are suffering from addition. Most likely sugar, the crack cocaine of the food world. So, on Thursday afternoon I was suffering from cabin feever and the most pathetic kind cold turkey. Ha!

Achieving my individual challenge was easy. Lying in my bed, Friday evening, last week, (roughly half way through the allotted challenge period) pondering the day I had just had, I realised I had failed to set an individual challenge... So, I set a retrospective one. I would have made it not buying anything for the week, but I had already failed in that, abscent mindedly buying myself a pint of coke at the pub (Seeing as it was at a pub I don't think it counts towards the group challenge - you decide).

... So, who's turn next?


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