Thursday, October 18, 2007

OK Rainbows

I have been meaning to write a piece about Radiohead for a while now, but I always come up short, never quite deciding which angle to approach them from. The first time I knowingly sat down and listened to Radiohead I started drafting a piece about how the band might be as good as the hype suggests were it not for Thom Yorke’s soaring/screeching vocals. Too snivellingly nostalgic or sneeringly sarcastic and never quite pitched where I would like. Following that there was another article I didn’t quite write about how I don’t ‘get’ OK Computer, which wasn’t written around the time Channel Four announced OK Computer as the Numbr One Album of all time.

Now would seem like an ideal time to write something about Radiohead. Something about them pioneering a new form of musical distribution or simply cashing in on the latest marketting gimmick. Maybe something about how everyone should pay £40 for the box set because Yorke and co deserve it or how anyone who pays more than the 35p service charge is a chump. I might write about how the band seem to have perfected their own trick - ‘How to Dissapear Completely’- achieving 5 star reviews without anyone really noticing, putting their music at the centre of an eventless event then watching from the sidelines. Just the same as everyone else.